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Gregory Lewinski, national Manager, brand Viagra , Pfizer: "Viagra is a product that is known to several generations, and we understand that over the years that he has been on the market, has changed its audience. On the one hand, we felt the need to update the brand, on the other, wanted to keep all the good with which he is associated. It was not an easy task, but we were pleased with the result and hope our customers will also appreciate the new packaging".

The new pack Viagra used bright colours and the division of dosages (25mg, 50mg, 100mg), matte cardboard Soft Touch, a hologram of the new generation. The packaging was bilingual, with one side of Viagra written in Russian, another in English "Viagra". In a special way - obliquely - ready opening of the package. Pfizer has started selling Viagra dosage 100 mg in new packaging for 1, 2 and 4 tablets, and 50 mg in new packaging of 1 and 2 tablets. In the near future on sale will be 50 mg 4 tablets and 25 mg 1 tablet in the new package.

In late April of 2014 Pfizer has also launched a new big pack Viagra 50 mg 12 tablets at an attractive price, which goes on sale in the new design.
A few months ago, the German pharmaceutical concern "Pfizer" has announced its intention to create a "female" counterpart of Viagra - the most popular drug for the treatment of impotence. Unfortunately, the pharmacists themselves were forced to admit that this statement was premature.

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According to a new press release that appeared on the website of the company, "Pfizer" forced to postpone the development of tools to improve sexual function in women. The reason is simple - the "female" version of impotence, which is based on not only physiological, but also psychological reasons, was much more difficult for drug effects phenomenon than the classic male impotence that develops because of violations of blood circulation in the genitals. Accordingly, none of the drugs from the group "Viagra" has not demonstrated sufficient efficacy for women.

"In order to cope with the "female impotence", medical treatment is not enough, - said in an interview with "Reuters" Dr. Joe Fesko, Vice President "Pfizer". - It is necessary to deal with each case, setting the immediate cause of the disturbances